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Preparing for death in Turkey

15th January 2019 Preparing for death in Turkey Nobody really wants to think about their death, much less organise it in advance.  However when living abroad it is probably a good idea to be prepared and know some information about the procedures in Turkey. It is important to tell your family and loved...
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E- Pulse the new online health application explained

15th January 2019 The Turkish Republic Ministry of Health have created a new online health record application called E-Pulse.  E-Pulse is a new application that citizens and health professionals can both access.  It can hold all of your health data in one place, ready to be accessed quickly and easily...
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Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship

14th January 2019 Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship Applications for Turkish citizenship made in Turkey are processed by the local Nüfüs office (Population and Citizenship Directors).  This will normally be at the local law court building or at the governor’s office building.  If...
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A Complete Guide to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

11th January 2019 Istanbul Grand Bazaar is high up on the list of things to do when visiting the city.  The enormous area is the largest covered market in the world. It’s quite easy to get lost in the endless stalls, paths and narrow streets.  With so much to choose from it’s a good idea to...
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Everything you need to know about a Turkish work permit

11th January 2019 Everything you need to know about a Turkish work permit. Foreign citizens should obtain a work permit granted by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services which is the competent authority in accordance with Turkish law.  This is a condition and precedent to work within the territory...
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Can I establish a business here in Turkey?

10th January 2019 Can I establish a business here in Turkey? Yes, as a foreigner you can establish a business in Turkey. It is irrelevant what nationality you are or your place of residence.  The major steps to establishing a limited company are;  - To prepare and notarize the articles of...
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Exclusive Interview with Author Lisa Morrow

9th January 2019 YellAli had the pleasure of an Exclusive Interview with the Author of Inside Out Istanbul - Lisa Morrow. Lisa Morrow is a Sydney born sociologist, author and travel writer (and one time English teacher) who runs the successful blog Inside Out In...
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A Turkish Winter Wonderland

9th January 2019 A Turkish Winter Wonderland Located near the Eastern edges of Turkey is the city of Erzurum.  Bursting with natural landmarks, historical wonders, with a native cuisine and culture of its own.  Erzurum makes the perfect Turkish winter holiday destination. Also referred to as the...
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14 Ways to Apply for Turkish Residency

9th January 2019 14 Ways to Apply for Turkish Residency Short Term Residency Who can apply? 1.      Foreigners who arrive to conduct scientific research. Foreigners who apply for residency for this reason are required to obtain a license from the relevant institutions/organisations (i.e The...
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Exclusive Interview with Pera Palace Hotel Istanbul

8th January 2019 YellAli was delighted to get the opportunity to Exclusively interview the famous Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul.  One of the most prestigious hotels in Turkey with a vibrant history spanning over centuries. The Pera Palace Hotel has hosted a multitude of famous guests including Agatha...
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